“A great program.”

“Jordan started here when he was 20 months, and we got his autism diagnosis when he was 2 ½. He’s 4 ½ now, and BRSHF has really be a source of information for us for his diagnosis. It really gave us hope that he would make good progress. It’s like night and day from how Jordan used to be to how he is now. He’s come such a long way in how he interacts with us & understands when we talk to him. It’s been a great program for him.”

Melissa, Jordan’s mom

“They embraced our entire family”

“BRSHF is an amazing organization that serves as an example of true excellence. From the beginning the staff embraced not only our child but our entire family. They have given us the courage, hope, and desire to strive for success for our son's future. With their help we are confident in knowing Nolan has the opportunity to meet his maximum potential. The BEST is yet to come!”

Angel, Nolan's mom


"Three of Christopher's former BRSHF classmates were at his birthday party this weekend. It is really neat that we can mix his former BRSHF friends with kids from his other school now. I used to pick: either BRSHF or the other school. If I had told people that 3 of the kids in the room were in the autism program at BRSHF, your average party-goer would not have been able to pick them out of the crowd. It shows how far these kids have all come! (Of course, the biggest hit was a girl who Christopher still calls "his girlfriend" and whose family says she still plans to marry Christopher!)"

Colleen, Christopher's mom